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All Nu - Skin Facials are performed using organic Natural and Scientifically advanced ingredients, providing the most effective results. All Facials are customized for each individual skin type and condition. Just, choose the length of time you would prefer and leave the rest up to us!
Facelift Facial

(for prematurely aging skin)
Instantly spectacular! It instantly lifts and tightens the skin to give you a smoother, tighter, more youthful look.

Private Room (1 Hour) - $80

Half Hour - $55

Vitamin Refreshing Facial

Simply fabulous: Provides gentle exfoliation and helps protect against premature aging and stress lines.

Private Room (1 Hour) - $75

Half Hour - $50

Refreshing Facial

(for Oily & Combination Skin)

(Simply perfect: The weekly treatment provides gentle exfoliation and reduces excess oil production, leaving skin softer and smoother.

Private Room (1 Hour) - $70

Half Hour - $45


Massage offers many therapeutic benefits! It relieves general body tension, helps to reduce mental stress, relieves pain, increases blood circulation, and brings fresh oxygen to muscle tissues. In addition, massage increases the efficiency of your metabolism and detoxifies the body by stimulating digestion and elimination.
Deep Tissue Massage

This is a therapeutic massage that focuses on the techniques of stretching, pressure point, re-balancing, muscle release, and joint release.

30 mins - $40

60 mins - $75

90 mins - $99

Hot Stone Massage

This is an energy balancing treatment using hot stone to facilitate circulation and ultimate relaxation for the mind, body, and soul.

60 mins - $85

90 mins - $110

Swedish Massage

This is a traditional European technique that helps to relieve muscular tension.

30 mins - $40

60 mins - $70

90 mins - $95

Sport Massage

This is a massage treatment for sports enthusiasts to promote flexibility, prevent injuries, relieve tension, and improve performance.

30 mins - $40

60 mins - $75

Chair Massage

Here, you will be seated in a massage chair with clothes on. No oil is used in this case and you don't have to worry about the stain.

Foot Massage / Reflexology

30 mins - $40

60 mins - $75

Stress Relief Massage

Stress relief massage helps to reduce mental stress, relieves pain, and brings fresh oxygen to the muscles.

30 mins - $40

60 mins - $75


Our mission is to provide an environment that you can trust to spend your quality time and money. There is nothing more important to us than your health and beauty when you visit our spa. We customize every pedicure service on our menu according to your desires. All the products that we use are fresh and organic. Our liners, nail files, buffers, and pumices are disposed of after each use for sanitation.
All Luxury Pedicures come with a heated neck pillow. It also includes nail shaping, cuticle removal, callus removal, and a polish of your choice.
Nail Art & Day Spa Signature Pedicure (70 Minutes)

Are your feet feeling tired after a long day at work? Or exhausted from your busy mommy role at home? You deserve a peaceful moment that was designed just for you! We customize a recipe of natural herbs and ingredients to bring natural healing that is healthy and luxurious. It is beneficial for those who suffer from dried skin, cracked heels, and calluses. It also helps to soothe muscle tension and nerve healing and includes fragrant essential oils, dried herbs, mint leaves, ginger root, shea butter, and a foot mask. This is followed by a warm wrap with towels, massage with hot stones, lotion, and essential oil, before finishing it with a paraffin treatment.

Margarita Pedicure (60 Minutes)

Your feet deserve to party too! And that's why the Margarita Pedicure was made. It is a great way to make your feet dazzling. This pedicure includes organic fresh lime and peppermint that helps your feet detox all the bad things that the body absorbs every day. Lime and peppermint contain a healthy portion of vitamin C, D, E, and A. Together they help relieve stress and muscle tension. This treatment also includes a lime footbath, fresh lime massage, mint scrub, shea butter, foot mask wrap, hot towel, hot stone massage with lotion, and essential oil. Also, we pair up with paraffin nourishment to reduce your stress and improve healing.

Organic Aloe Vera Pedicure (55 Minutes)

Looking for a super-beneficial substance? Indulge in fresh organic aloe vera that contains vitamins A, C, and E which are antioxidants. This organic aloe vera will help penetrate the skin and gently digest dead skin cells. We follow with a soak in aloe vera salt, aloe vera scrub, and a cooling gel that contains extracts of fresh aloe vera leaves. This is followed by a wrap with warm towels, a massage with fresh aloe vera, exfoliating shea butter, hot stone massage with essential oil, aloe vera foot mask, and aloe vera lotion.

Milky Way Spa Pedicure (50 Minutes)

Are you not happy with how your skin is feeling? Then try out the latest combination of milk and collagen ingredients. This milky way spa pedicure is designed to help improve any type of skin condition with the extraordinary skin-improving benefits of milk. Milk contains naturally occurring beta-hydroxy acids and enzymes that act as excellent skin exfoliants, making way for youthful and vibrant skin. Milk contains vitamins A, D, E, essential proteins, and antioxidants that help your skin to be smooth with a silky feeling. The treatment includes a fresh milk foot bath, fresh milk massage, shea butter, scrub, collagen foot mask, and essential oil massage.

Orange Refresher Spa Pedicure (45 Minutes)

Refresh your day with fresh and fruity orange and honey! Citrus fruits are effective skin cleansers due to their acidity. Their juices have antiseptic and antibacterial properties meaning they help you keep relaxed. This treatment includes fresh orange-themed treatments that are the perfect antidote for tired feet and a great way to start your day! It features freshly cut orange slices in the citrus orange foot bath, salt bath exfoliation, shea butter and orange honey massage, sugar scrub, fresh orange massage, orange honey mask wrap with warm towels, and massage with lotion and essential oil.


Gel Polish
Gel Polish with French


Shellac Gel Manicure & Happy Feet with Gel
Shellac Gel Manicure & Spa Pedicure with Gel
Shellac Gel Manicure & Spa Pedicure with Regular Polish
Manicure & Spa Pedicure with Regular Polish


Eyebrow Tattoo
Eyeliner (Upper and Lower)
Eyeliner (Upper or Lower)
Lip Liner
Full Lips
Areola Restoration
Follow-Up (Visit Within 45 Days)
$65 +
Follow-Up (Visit After 45 Days)
$85 +
Returning Touch — Up Session
$100 +


$45 +
Movie Star
Brow Tinting
Spot Removal
$30 + / spot
Eyelash Curling
$55 +


$10 + / $12+
$8 + / $10+
$10 + / $12+
$12 + / $17+
Wax Combo (Brows, Lips, Chin)
$24 + / $28+
Whole Face
$35 + / $40+
Full Arms
$50 +
Half Arms
$35 +
Full Legs
$75 +
Half Legs
$50 +
Under Arms
$25 +
$35 +
$65 +
$65 +


Our manicures will pamper and beautify your hands utilizing the finest products with a multi-step treatment which includes cleansing, shaping, nourishing massage, and polishing your nails to perfection.
Nail Art & Day Spa Signature Manicure

Treat yourself to our traditional manicure with your hand soaked in warm soothing milk proteins and organic honey extract combined with shea butter wrapped with a warm towel. Deep moisturizing paraffin treatment will then exfoliate your hand, lock in moisture, lighten sunspots to keep your hands soft and clean. Finished with deep tissue massage and polish 

Regular Manicure
Dip Powder on Natural Nails
$40 + / with French $50+
Dip Powder on Natural Nails with Takeoff
$43 + / with French $53+
Dip Powder on Natural Nails with Tips
$50 + / with French $55+
Natural Dip with Gel Polish
$50 + / with French $55+
Liquid Gel Fill-ins with Gel Polish
$45 + / with French $50+
Liquid Gel Overlay with Gel Polish
$50 + / with French $55+
Liquid Gel Full Set with Gel Polish
$60 + / with French $65+
Shellac Gel Manicure
$30 + / with French $35+
Shellac Gel Manicure with Takeoff
$33 + / with French $38+


All Artificial Nail Services come with warm towel lotion and massage on hands.
* Notice: All prices are based on regular length and shape.
Acrylic Full Set
$35 +
Acrylic Fill In
$25 +
Acrylic w/ Gel Color Full Set
$48 +
Acrylic w/ Gel Color Fill In
$38 +
Pink and White Full Set
$53 +
Pink and White Fill In
$43 +
Pink Fill In
$33 +
Mylar Full Set
$55 +
Mylar Fill In
$45 +
Ombre Full Set
$55 +
Ombre Fill In
$45 +
Color Powder Full Sst
$48 +
Color Powder Fill In
$38 +
Crystal Clear Full Set
$50 +
Crystal Clear Fill In
$40 +
Gel Powder Full Set
$40 +
Gel Powder Fill In
$30 +


Reg. Polish on Hands
$13 +
Reg. French Polish on Hands
$20 +
Reg. Polish on Feet
$15 +
Reg. French Polish on Feet
$20 +
Gel Polish on Hands or Feet
$20 + / with French $25+
Gel Polish on Hands or Feet with Takeoff
$23 + / with French $28+


(12 & under)
Reg. Manicure
Reg. Pedicure
Combo Mani & Pedi
Color Change on Hand/Feet
$7 +


Happy Feet Pedicure (40 mins)

Our Happy Feet Pedicure is for those who suffer from dry skin and calluses. Also, this treatment helps to improve the retention of moisture on your skin. This consists of soaking the feet in sea salt, nail shaping, cuticle removal, callus removal, exfoliating shea butter, mask, warm towel, lotion, and oil massage.

Spa Pedicure (30 mins)

Our traditional Spa Pedicure consists of soaking the feet in sea salt, nail shaping, cuticle removal, callus removal, mint and aloe scrub exfoliation, cooling gel, warm towel, lotion, and oil massage.


Cat Eye
$10 +
$15 +
Paraffin Treatment
Shellac Gel Color
Shellac Gel French
Gel Coating
Regular French
$5 +

(Stiletto. Almond, Coffin and Long Nail)

Buff Shine
Soak-Off Nails
$10 +
2 Fingers Design
$5 +
10 Fingers Design
$20 +
2 Big Toes Acrylic
$10 +
1 Big Toes Acrylic
$6 +
1 Nail Repair
$3 +